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So it only took a couple of guitar players from Texas to open the doors of a marvelous, seemingly unending sonic universe. It would be difficult not to reach this conclusion, since in this fourteenth year of existence of the band, Charalambideshave put out 24 records. Throughout their recording career, Tom and Christina Carter have always explored the sound of their electric guitars with the same curiosity, the same elegance and the same sobriety. Like an old mansion with multiples hidden treasures : the skeletal ghosts of American folk and blues ; the spectres of psychedelic music of the 60s and 70s ; the late guitar heroes whose energy and spirit is still alive ; but also the encounters and collaborations with other guitar players of the same sensibility, notably Jason Bill (in 1993) and the darker Heather Leigh Murray. Even with a multiplicity of styles, they have always kept an undeniable personal touch, which makes their music all the more fascinating. From the samples of old tapes in the shaky blues/folk ballads ofOur Bed Is Green (1992), to the improvised sonic explorations of Internal/Eternal (1999) or CHT (2002), but also the monumental and tragic pieces of Joy Shapes (2004), or the radiant ballades of A Vintage Burden (2006) - it is as if the only imperative for the duo has always been to make intense, mysterious and evocative music, may it be dark or light. The past few years, the band became a two-piece band again, and released a stunning new LP on Kranky a few months ago, A Vintage Burden. We were lucky to witness their astonishing stage presence during their European tour in late 2005, and even got to meet and have a little chat with them.
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